Little guy fell asleep in my lap. 🐈

A ginger cat is curled up and sleeping on a person's lap.

🏳️‍🌈 Pride parade this morning!

⚾️ Watching: Kansas City Royals v. St. Louis Cardinals

Bye Berhalter! #USMNT

I just realized the NCAA Football video game drops this week. I’m going to disappear off the grid for a while. 🏈

The Royals got four all-stars. Not bad. ⚾️

⚽️ I just noticed the dramatic lack of football being played during the month of August. The NWSL is basically done from this weekend until late August. All due to the Olympics.

I’ll never understand the impatience of people when it comes to politics. One side isn’t working out, let’s swing waaaaaay over to the other side. Looking at you, France. It never seems like a subtle swing. It’s almost always extreme.

How have the Royals not retired Bo Jackson’s number yet? ⚾️

I didn’t see a two-year deal for Erik Ten Hag coming. ⚽️